Solar Panel Cleaning Bath

Solar Panels require regular cleaning to be able to allow as much light as possible into the solar cells. By allowing as much light as possible into the Solar Panel cells this can generate the optimum amount of power!  Throughout the year your solar panels will get covered in bird droppings, dust and even moss. Once your solar panels start getting dirty they will not be working as well as they should be!

Solar panel manufacturers specifically advise to regularly clean and maintain your solar panels due to the performance being affected.

How often should you get your solar panels cleaned?
Solar Panel manufactures advise that You should get your solar panels cleaned approximately every 6 – 8 months.

Solar Panel Cleaning Bath

How do we clean your Solar Panels?

Following the Solar Panel manufactures instructions we DO NOT use harsh chemicals or detergent!
Our Solar Panel cleaning method is to only using purified water and a soft brush to gently clean the dust and muck off your solar panels.

If you require a quote to get your Solar Panels cleaned then please get in contact. We can usually give a price over the phone.