Pressure Washing Bath

Barnes Property Services are experts when it comes to pressure washing!

Pressure Washing can remove moss, mildew, mould, algae, lichen, stains.

We can Pressure Wash the following areas on your property:
Paths, Driveways, Roofs, Walls, Patios, Decking

Why may you require our Pressure Washing services?
Pressure washing can make your roof, path or deck look like new! But there are other reasons to pressure wash and to include it as parft of your property maintenance.

Allowing moss to grow on your roof could cause long term damage, lifting tiles or slates and allowing water and damp to penetrate the roof.

If you require any part of your property to be pressure washed then please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Pressure Washing in Bath, gutters

Before cleaning: UPVC Cleaning, cleaning the outside of the gutters, fascia’s, soffits and barge boards. On the outside of the gutter is general muck including bird droppings.

Pressure Washing in Bath, UPVC

The UPVC guttering (same as left) after cleaning by Barnes Property Services. The exterior of the gutters are gleaming and look like new! We use a special, non abrasive degreasing solution to clean UPVC.

Pressure washing garages

UPVC Garage door clean. As you can see the garage door has a build up of dust and grime. By regularly cleaning your garage door you are improving the overall look of your property. To clean UPVC garage doors we use a non abrasive degreasing solution and a soft bristled brush.